Thursday, July 28, 2016
Pastoral Staff /
Personal Pastoral
Rev. Ricardo Fajardo,

Rev. Damien Ekete,
Parochial Vicar
Mr. Canum Pappas,
Director of Music
Ms. Lourdes Ventura
Religious Education
Ms. Carolina Landolfi
Ms. Stephanie Diaz
Office Manager

Ms. Maria L. Burdier,

Rectory Office Hours
Horario de Oficina
Rectory Closed
Rectoria Cerrada
Every Day
12 noon-1:00pm
Monday - Friday
De Lunes a Viernes
9 am to 5 pm
Saturday - Sabado
10:00 am a 5:00 pm
Religious Education
Educacion Religiosa
Miercoles y Viernes - Wed/Fri
5:30 pm a 6:00 pm

Mass Schedule/
Horario de Misas
Sundays Masses/Misas de Domingo
English Children Mass

Saturday Virgil/Sáb Vigilia,
7 pm Español

9 am English
11:30 am Español
1:30 pm Español
Daily Mass/Misas Diarias
Tuesday to Friday
Martes - Viernes
9:00 am English
De Martes a Viernes
7:00 pm Español







Phone: (718) 583-0120
Phone: (718) 583-1570
Fax... : (718) 583-1444
Fax....: (718) 583-3378
Parish Mission Statement/ Misión Parroquial.
The Parish family of the Holy Spirit is a community of faith who enlivened and inspired by the Holy Spirit is called to be joyful witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus, bracing, celebrating and offering the mercy of her beloved heart.
La familia de la Iglesia del Espíritu Santo, es una comunidad de fe que animada e inspirada por el Espíritu Santo, está llamada a ser testigo gozoso del Evangelio de Jesucristo, acohiendo, celebrando y ofreciendo su misericordia.

Message from our Pastor Rev. Ricardo Fajardo:

New Pastor

Holy Spirit parish is a community of Catholic disciples committed to bringing the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the world in the 21st century. To accomplish this task each of our members must be committed to coming to know the Lord Jesus with ever more intimacy. The keystone of this growing intimacy with the Lord is the Sacred Liturgy. The new life begun in us through our own Baptism is strengthed through the celebration of all Christ's sacraments and most especially the Eucharist. We celebrate these sacred mysteries always with the heart and the mind of the Church remembering that it is Christ's presence among us at the Holy Altar that we share.

To know Christ through the sacraments is to know the Christ of love. To present Christ to an unbelieving and often, an unloving world we must also know the Christ of Truth. Members are called to increase their Christian formation through study of Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Theology. Through our award winning school and our vibrant and faith filled religious education programs we bring the Truth of the Lord Jesus to each new generation. It is our joy to watch these young disciples grow in the grace and wisdom of the Lord and come to make their own commitment to Christian discipleship. Each adult disciple must also commit themselves to continuing formation in the faith so as to come to know ever more fully the sacred truths of Christ and his Church.

Every disciple is called to be a good steward of the Lord Jesus. This call of stewardship demands that faithful disciples make a commitment to Christ's Church: a commitment of time, a commitment of talent and a commitment of treasure. It is only through the commitment of responsible and faithful stewardship that those who are attracted to Christ and his Church move from being observers to becoming actors in the drama of human salvation.

Finally, healed by the waters of baptism, strengthened by the sacraments, formed in the Truth of Christ and his Church, each disciple is called to sanctification, to make flesh the love that Christ has poured out for us. To offer works of charity and reconciliation to a damaged world. The love of the Eucharist empowers us to touch those who know not the love of Christ and to reconcile those who cannot find forgiveness.

Every human person is welcome to the Church of Christ. Every person is called to come to know Christ more intimately. Every person is called to participate in the mystery of God's love.

Sacraments /Sacramentos
Eucharistic Adoration
First Thrusday 9:30 am 6:45 pm

  Adoración Eucarística
  Primer Jueves 9:30 pm - 6:45 pm

  6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

  Baptism Classes/
  Clases de Bautismo
  Second and Fourth Thursday for each moonth at 7:30 pm in the Church
  2do y 4to jueves de cada mes a las 7:30 pm en la Iglesia.

  1:00 pm Español
  2:00 pm English

  Please make arragements 6 months in advance.
  Favor hacer sus planes 6 meses antes.

  Anointing of the sick/
  Unción de los enfermos
  Please contact the Rectory
  Favor notificar a la Rectoría

  Religious Education/
  Clases de Religión
  Saturday/Sábados at 4:30 pm
  Sunday/Domingos at 10:00 am

  New Parishioner's are asked to register
  with the Rectory.
  Los nuevos Parroquianos deben inscribirse
  en la oficina de la Rectoria.

  Parish Organizations/
  Organizaciones Parroquiales
  >Parish Finance Committee Friday 7:30
  >Carismatic Group/ Grupo Carismático,
   Español - Miércoles 7:30 pm.
  >Cursillistas, Viernes 7:30 pm.
  >Legion of Mary/Legión de María
   Español - Jueves 4:30 pm.
  >Hijas de María, Viernes - 4:30 pm.
  >Youh Group/Grupo de Jóvenes.
   English, Tuesday - 7:30 pm.
>St. Joseph Society, Altar Servers/
>San José, Servidores del Altar
   Saturday, 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm
>Music Ministry/Ministerio de Música,
   Thursday, 7:30 pm.
>Parish Council/Concejo Parroquial,
   Español - Wednesday 7:30 pm.
>Liturgy Committe - English Tuesday 7:30 pm.
  >Comite de Liturgia - Español Martes 7:30 pm.
  >Lectors Ministers - English Monday 7:30 pm
>Ministros de la palabra - Español Lunes 7:30 pm
  >Eucharistic Ministers -Tuesday 7:30 pm
  >Ministros Eucaristia - Español Martes 7:30 pm
>Eucharistic Thursday - Second Thursday 7:00 pm
>Jueves Eucaristico - Segundo Jueves del mes 7:00pm
>Church Decorating, Friaday - Saturday 10:00 am
>Ushers Ministers - English Monday 7:30 pm
>Ministerios de los Ujieres - Español Lunes 7:30 pm
>Social Ministry - English Tuesday 6:00 pm
>Ministerio Social - Español Martes 6:00 pm
>Franciscan Fraternity - English Saturday 8:00 pm
>Fraternidad Franciscana - Español Sábado 8:00 pm
>Sacret Heard Group - English Friday 6:00 pm
>Grupo del Sagrado Corazón -Español Viernes 6:00 pm
  >St. Vincent of Paul Group - Sunday 11:00 am
  >Grupo San Vicente de Paul - Domingo 11:00 am
  >Carismatic Vigil - Third Saturday month 8:00 pm
  >Vigilia Carismática - Tercer Sábado del mes 8:00 pm
  >Staff School and Church - Every Tuesday 10:30 am
  >Personal de Escuela y Iglesia - Los martes 10:30 pm
  >Staff Rectory - First Wednesday for each month
  >Personal de la Rectoria - Primer Miercoles del mes.
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